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»Are the rooms at Hotel Resort Villa Saulina air-conditioned?
Yes, summer in Tuscany can be very hot. For this reason, Villa Saulina also offers its guests 2 fantastic outdoor pools.

» Offers Villa Saulina a private shuttle to the airport and to Lastra a Signa railway station?
Yes, if you need shuttle service, you can contact us or book it directly on our online system while booking your stay with us.

»Offers Villa Saulina an internet access?
Wireless internet is available throughout the tourist facility.

»Do you have a restaurant service?
Yes, you can’t miss it, the best way to enjoy the extraordinary Tuscan cuisine: local and genuine products, pizza, meat and game.

»What is the operating season of the 2 swimming pools?
They are open from mid-April to the end of September.

»Where can the children play?
A nice playground area for your kids is available.

»Villa Saulina has laundry service?
A coin-operated washing machine is available for our guests.

»What is the Reception opening time?
Hotel Villa Saulina's reception staff is available 24 hours a day. You can ask for any service and excursion as per your wishes.

»How many km away is Florence from Villa Saulina?
Florence is just 15 km away. A strategical distance to be able to spend a full day in one of the most famous Tuscan city of Arts, Florence, visiting the most important tourist attractions sites and come back easily to the quiet of our farmhouse Villa Saulina.